There are a million photographers.  What makes you different?

There are a lot of highly talented photographers out there and sometimes it's a challenge to compare apples to apples.  Although the work is important, the most important thing (in my opinion) is that we connect.  It's our job to tell your story and we can do that best if we can keep an open line of communication and really get to know you.  If you like us, our style, and our portfolio, then let's make it happen.  If you have any reservations, we encourage you to look around.  After all, this day is about you.  

For weddings, we recommend meeting in person prior to the big day at least once, if not two or three times and then dinner and drinks on top of that. 

do you carry liability insurance?

Yep, we sure do. It's necessary, and many venues will require it. If you're thinking about hiring your cousin or family friend instead of a professional, please check to make sure they're covered! Better safe than sorry.

Do we need two photographers for our wedding or event?

Having two photographers allows for a more diverse collection. In addition, Mike and I have photographed 50+ weddings together, and we've got a rhythm. We believe that our collections are stronger and more complete when we shoot together.  However, for smaller and more intimate events, sometimes Kate will cover them on her own. That's something we can talk through in our initial meeting.

How many hours of coverage do I need for my wedding?

Based on our experience, we've pulled together some timeline suggestions here. We've found that 7-8 hours typically allows for a comfortable timeline.  But If you really want coverage of hair and makeup, all the way to the grand exit, you'll absolutely need more time.  If you're planning a small reception with very little formal happenings, you might need less.  Check out the timeline tips, and if you're struggling to figure out how much coverage you really want, just ask and we'll be happy to walk through it together.

we love you guys, but you're out of our price range. DO YOU OFFER A REGISTRY?

Yes!  Photography is a huge investment.  Many clients have asked us for the ability to set up a registry for our services, and we are happy to offer this through Gively .  Just ask, and we'll set it up for you!

Can family members take photos at our wedding too?

Yes... Family members sometimes want to take photos of their own, and we understand that.  However, it can often interfere with our ability to capture important moments during the day (obstructed views, ill-timed flashes, etc).  We encourage you to consider an 'unplugged' ceremony, to allow your friends and family to relax and let us cover it.  Your galleries are online, and we always encourage you to share with loved ones.  

Do you have a travel fee?

For anything greater than 25 miles from our address, we charge $1 per mile.  If a wedding or event requires airfare or overnight accommodations, we'll make arrangements with you prior to contract signing.  It's really a case by case situation, so just shoot us a message and we can talk about the details.

DO you offer a photo booth?

YES! And we are pretty excited about it. New for 2016, we'll be offering a slick, automated booth with studio quality images & prints.

What happens if you get really sick?

We live a healthy lifestyle and make every effort to prevent illness and injury.  With that said, we all know unexpected things can happen.  We've taken time to build a network of awesome photographer friends, and have quick resources in a time of need.  We'll do everything in our power to find the best replacement.  Rest assured that anyone we choose will be a highly trusted professional with a similar shooting style.  And if for some reason we have to find a substitute, the final collection will still be edited by us to maintain similar style and quality.  

How many images do we get and how long do we have to wait?

All of our standard pricing includes personal usage rights to the images, unless negotiated otherwise.  For weddings it varies, but we promise at least 50 unique fully processed images per hour of coverage.  We strive to deliver final wedding galleries within 4 weeks, but that varies throughout the year. I always try to update you with a more accurate estimate on delivery.

For a typical family session, you will receive 30-40 final edited images.  The more coverage, the more photos.  Lifestyle portrait galleries are typically delivered in 1-2 weeks through an online gallery.

Do we have to order prints from you?

All standard pricing includes files that are suitable for printing up to 11x14 and a print release for those files. The files are more than sufficient for posting to social media and e-mailing to close friends & family. With that said, we offer beautiful high quality prints through a professional lab that will knock your socks off. Due to the nature of the industry, we cannot guarantee the color, exposure, contrast, or quality of images that are not ordered through us.


All files are transferred to you, the contract holder, through a download option in your personal gallery. You'll be given a PIN to download a zip folder. Then you just extract the zip folder and you're all set!

Will you shoot a same sex wedding?


We've decided to book you... what's next?

Wedding dates are booked with the first couple to sign a contract and pay the deposit ($1000).  Contracts are sent and completed digitally.  For portrait sessions and seasonal mini sessions, full payment and a signed contract are required to secure your date.  All payments can be made by check or Credit card.

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