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hi everyone.  I know I haven't written in a while, but I do really want to share what i've been up to.  i'd like to use this journal to share not only our photography work and other creative endeavors, but also about other aspects of our lives that you (hopefully) will find interesting.  I hope you don't mind.

I have spent the majority of my adult life (40+ hours a week) sitting at a desk and staring at a computer screen.  Over the years, I hadn't changed my diet much (if anything, it got better), but I continued to gain weight, despite what I thought was alot of effort to maintain or even reverse the scale.  about 6 weeks ago, I hired a personal trainer. I never thought I would do it, but I finally hit a breaking point and it felt like the right thing to do. I need to lose about 60 lbs and I'm on a mission.

With the help of my trainer Carlie (and Mike), I've completely reinvented how I eat.  I don't eat any grains (or bread) of any kind, except oatmeal for breakfast.  I stopped eating all added sugar, switched to farm fresh skim milk (love Hartzler's), and started supplementing with protein shakes (whey).  also, no alcohol (that probably won't last forever).  I went from getting about 20 grams of protein a day to over 60 (I'm a vegetarian).  The first week I dropped about 4 lbs (mostly water weight) and I felt highly motivated, but after that it just hovered.  I continued with my workouts (3 light walk/runs a week, 1 bootcamp, 1 PT session, and 1 yoga class).  I will admit that I started to feel alot better, but the pounds weren't 'melting off' like I wanted them to.  

Then last week we remeasured after about 5 weeks and I was so pleasantly surprised.  I lost 3 inches in my waist alone, and about 5.5 inches all over.  ok, I can deal with that.  apparently you can't really monitor weight only (mike's going to hide the scale).  And today, two separate people told me that I look thinner.  ok, that helps too.

Anyway, with all of these new restrictions, it's been a challenge.  but we're getting creative.  I wanted to share because we're trying so many new things, and Mike has been so amazing in helping to find healthy vegetarian recipes that I probably wouldn't have even considered a year ago.  Here are a few of our more recent favorites:

 cauliflower crust pizza | kate horgan photography 2014

cauliflower crust pizza | kate horgan photography 2014

Above is my new favorite guilt-free pizza.  since i'm not having flour/bread/grains of any kind, Mike suggested we look at a cauliflower crust.  I thought it sounded disgusting and really didn't want to try it, but I'm so glad I did!  I hate cauliflower, and I loved this pizza.  The dough is made of cauliflower, egg, oregano, and goat cheese.  Ignore the meat, that was Mike's half.  Very delicious and really filling.

Another interesting pizza concept (more common probably) is a portobello cap pizza.  I love portobellos, so I thought this would be a good try.  I will say, it was good, but the mushrooms were a little too watery and 'meaty' for me.  Next time we'll probably slice them thinner, or grill the mushrooms first.  something to dry them out a little more.  still pretty good though.

 portobello cap pizzas | kate horgan photography 2014

portobello cap pizzas | kate horgan photography 2014

If you had to pick one of the above, try the cauliflower first.  Just shoot me an e-mail if you want the recipe.

Another interesting way to reduce calories, 'miracle noodles' have literally no calories.  Don't get me wrong, these do not come even close to starchy egg noodles (which I miss very much).  They don't really taste like anything to be honest, but I guess that's the point.  Tonight Mike sautéed some extra firm tofu and vegetables (with cooking spray, not oil), and mixed in the miracle noodles with a low calorie teriyaki sauce.  Surprisingly good, and relatively filling.  However, did not keep my full for very long.

miracle noodles-1.jpg
miracle noodles-3.jpg
miracle noodles-2.jpg

I hope at least a few people find this interesting.  I certainly do.  I can honestly stay that I never thought I could do this, not even for a week.  I definitely miss beer and pizza (staples...) the most, but knowing that it's somewhat temporary (during the major loss part) helps.  and finding ways to enjoy healthy food is a challenge, but so rewarding when you find success.  If you're interested in hearing more, shoot me an email.  :)  will be back soon with more photography, and probably some updates on this crazy ride.

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